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What my project is all about

What is my project about? 

Well, before diving into that I will talk a bit about my community. The wikipedia community (wikifoundation to be precise) comprises of persons from different countries, different gender, different time zone, students as well as non-students but with a common interest. Which is to contribute and make Wiki Education Dashboard a successful project which can help every user. 

The Wiki Education Dashboard actually provides a medium for instructors or course leaders to view key information about the work of their student editors on their articles. My project is an event setup wizard for Programs and Events Dashboard which makes it easy for users to setup an event with exactly the settings they need, by creating an interface that walks through all the main options, describe what they do and what they are for. So, it’s a helper to get users get the right configuration for each program they choose to create. 

I am very much excited to work on this project because it is not an independent project which works on its own. It is actually a part of an existing project (which is the Programs and Events Dashboard). I get to build my project getting input from another section and passing its output to another section. Which means getting to study different sections of the dashboard I will be communicating with, work on a design which flows with the general design of the dashboard, work diligently and ensure my code doesn’t break the existing sections, testing not only my project but the entire flow of the dashboard to ensure data flows through as expected. It’s like learning all the different concepts in web development on a single project. So cool… 

In the past months of working on this project, I have learnt new technologies like redux (which is a predictable state container for JavaScript applications) and RSpec (which is to test Ruby on rails applications) and also some interesting JavaScript techniques for the client-side (React JS). 

 Luckily for me I had a good understanding of the project and my mentor always assists me on any difficulty while working on the steps to take in order to complete each task. So, it has been quite a great journey so far.


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