The Tough Part

Working on this project has been so much fun and I have had a lot to learn every single day. As we all know, there’s no perfect path and no perfect journey without some road bumps. The road bump in my case was writing ruby tests for the react interface I was working on.

The thing is, I was very excited to start working on it. I read some tutorials and understood the concepts and I dived in immediately. This task was a tricky one because although I had an algorithm to implement and actually did an implementation, the tests didn’t actually pass and I was so discouraged. So during the next check-in meeting with my mentor, I posed the problem and he proposed some solutions. I tried it out and it did work. So I pushed my work for review. After review, the tests were said not to be specific and my mentor proposed another solution. So as I continued, I realized the test kept failing again. I posted my problem in the general chat channel on slack after so many hours. I tried approaching the task from different angles, asked help from my mentors and the community. I also read articles online and watched videos to get more understanding. These resources online were quite simple to understand and easy to implement but it didn’t solve the problem.

When I started having the problem, I was very hesitant to reach out for help. This was due to fact that I believed the task was a very simple task which I had to do but I couldn’t find a way to complete it in weeks. I felt asking for help in the main slack channel will make others in the community know I’m not good enough for the project and they wouldn’t understand the fact that I couldn’t solve something so simple.

But I was so relieved when they tried to do everything to help out. They gave me solutions to better debug the code in order to identify my exact problem and proposed other solutions.

Asking for help might be one of the scariest thing to do at some point in time whether the problem is a difficult one or not. We just have to remember that everyone has been there at some point and when it comes to a community, everyone is always willing to help because we all want the project to be a success and see ourselves grow.

It had been a very stressful period for me and my greatest fear was to reach out but when I finally did, I realized it was the fastest way to get the problem solved.

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