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Working with Wikimedia

Wiki Education Dashboard is an opensource project by wikipedia which helps instructors and students share their knowledge and track their contribution (

I am grateful to be part of this community and especially this project. It has helped me understand more about Wiki Education and how it is used. The project I applied for is to create an event setup wizard for Programs & Events Dashboard, which focuses on making it easy for users to set up an event with exactly the settings they need (

My first weeks working with them has been tough, educative and very encouraging. The tasks are not restricted to just coding but planning, design and other tasks.

My first task was actually a design task. Well, not really being a designer, I designed a couple of screens for the wizard to be created. During the check-in meetings, my mentors reviewed and gave feedback. Here’s the thing, when reviewing the task, it wasn’t like they actually just gave me a task and a deadline to complete it and then use a guideline to review. It is actually an interactive session where I open up and provide ideas, my mentors also provide ideas, we talk and decide on the best idea to implement and then they guide me while coding and are always available to assist when I am stuck. The community is also very helpful and always ready to assist when I need help. This gives me a great opportunity to learn and grow personally which is one of the reasons why I joined opensource.

The most interesting part about this past few weeks was when i had to work on the test. Being new to Ruby on Rails, it was kinda difficult to know my way around and all i knew was actually an algorithm of how the test was suppose to be. Took me days to actually read on rspec and get an understanding of the test. Although my test failed, I had learnt something new and I keep improving myself with the help of amazing mentors.


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