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Open Source with Outreachy

Yeah! Eleanor Roosevelt said it and the first time I decided to follow it, I get a lot to talk about.


Outreachy provides three-month internships to work in Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and these projects may include programming, user experience, documentation, illustration and graphical design, or data science. Interns are paid a stipend. Cool right!!!

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My start

Well I was terrified of “open source” and the only thing I had ever done concerning open source was cloning a project and running it. Well it was kind of weird since most people around me were into it but I had never got to grasp the concept that open source is simply contributing to a project online. I heard about Outreachy from a friend while discussing about open source, so I decided to check it out. Well, it seemed great and a nice place to start when it comes to contributing to open source (But then I was terrified about open source). So what did I do?

Few days after the applications opened, I fell upon the Eleanor Roosevelt quote,so I decided to do something that scares me (open source). I created an account and went through the projects. Since I was familiar with React.js, I decided to look for React projects. I found about 5 projects in git and React.js which seemed interesting. So I read about the projects and narrowed it to two projects with Wikipedia being my first project. I read about the project, joined the community, read the project’s documentation and set the project up locally. Normally it is advisable to start with issues with label “Beginner friendly” but I decided to challenge myself and learn as much as I can while I am still very motivated. I took the first issue and after my fist PR, I was so anxious and scared for the feedback. When Sage Ross (the project mentor) finally replied, it was quite encouraging and very helpful since he directed me on how to go about, how to clean my code and suggested a better approach on how to solve the issue. As I kept working, and asked questions in the forum, I got suggestions from others and everyone was so polite and helpful. Wiki Education community is such a friendly community. So I decided to focus on this community and be part of it even if I am not accepted for the Outreachy internship. I finally worked on two contributions which were accepted and then wrote an application with the assistance of my mentor and submitted.

The day of results, I couldn’t wait for the time and couldn’t stop checking my email. Then at around 4pm, I received an email from the Outreachy organizers congratulating me for being accepted as an intern for Wiki Education. I was so happy and excited to have this opportunity and most especially work with wikipedia.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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